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Nikki Mina

Nikki Minaj, the world famous rapper/hip hop artist's trade mark booty is up for questioning!!!

Die hard Nikki fans have had her back all the way but we have some shocking photos that bring the truth to light.... 

We will not be suprised if her booty is as fake as her last name...

This photo to the right shows off her booty nicely and hopefully gives the world the answer so many chose not beleive... NIKKI MINAJ'S ASS IS FAKE!! 

Most of us new it was FAKE but FLAT???
That was a shocker....

Do you think Lil Wayne bought her the implants??
or maybe the whole YMCB crew threw in on them we all know she loves the crew!!

Do you think if she hadn't gotten as big then maybe it would 
pass for a real one?? ... 

Maybe, too bad she didn't think of 

So what does this say about theses lyrics ????
"Ass ain't poppin, you can google my ass, only time you on the net if you google my ass" ... 

maybe she's simply saying "YES, my ass is FAKE but I didn't get shots I got implants.." 
LOL... get it right!! 

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