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Kendra Wilkinson

We all know Kendra Wilkinson is a very freaky girl, but this new mother and wife to Hank Basket has no shame!!! New X-Rated screenshots from her old sex tape have leaked online (thanks to vivid ent.), and they’re even more NSFW than the last batch! Hell she's even got Kim K. beat this time!!! Not only is she having sex with a mystery man, but she's also getting it on solo as well....

We are sure Kendra's husband Hank is beyond embarrassed and totally ashamed by this whole scam and we are also almost certain he has been catching hell from his team mates in the locker room!!!                                                                   
Rumor has it Hank is so upset with Kendra over this whole sex tape scandal!!! We have even heard he's contemplating leaving her... It is pretty disrespectful on her part, especially when you have been married less than a year and your also a young new mother!!! Think about what kinds of questions her son is going to ask her when gets old enough to use GOOGLE!!! 

What do you think???

A.  "She should have had more respect for her new family"

B. "She came from the Play Boy mansion so shouldn't expect anything different"

C. "Play Mate or Porn Star there is no excuse for this, unless you are seeking attention"

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