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Trash Talking 50 Cent

                      One Man's TRASH Is Another Man's Treasure!!!

50 Cent held nothing back during his 21 Questions interveiw with XXL. He was asked very plainly to share his thoughts on Kanye revealing his song Perfect Bitch, which Kanye wrote for his lady love!

50 Cent simply responded; "I mean if that man feel like she perfect, then she's perfect.. You know how it is? One man's TRASH is another man's treasure!"

Has 50 Cent crossed the line with his remark about Kim K. and Kanye??

"Sure, he's survived gunshot wounds, car accidents, but Kimye Kardashiwest? Thats a whole new animal!" Said Perez Hilton

I definetly think 50 Cent can expect some retaliation from Kanye West... He might even write a song about him!!

Why do you think he is referring to Kim K. as TRASH??

Could it be because of the (allegedly leaked) sex tape??

Where would Kim K's career be without the sex tape??.... TRASH maybe??

Or maybe he is referring to her love life.. She has been around the block a few times. Take a look!!

                                         Kim K. & Ray J      

                                   Kim K. & Gabriel Aubrey

                                Kim K. & Cristiano Ronaldo  

                                    Kim K. & Reggie Bush
                                    Kim K. & Sheno Deane

                                     Kim K. & Nick Lachey

                                                    Kim K. & Damon Thomas

                                    Kim K. & Mile Austin

                                                      Kim K. & Nick Cannon

                                                     Kim & Kris Humphries

                                 Kim K. & Kanye West    
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