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Bria Murphy Pics

Having a super-famous, super-funny dad only gets you so far in showbiz. Bria Murphy, 21-year-old daughter of Eddie, became the spokesmodel for Dark and Lovely hair products the old-fashioned way: by being incredibly sexy.
As the spokeswoman for Dark and Lovely, you fly around the world for all kinds of modeling gigs. So you lead a pretty busy life. What do you like to do for fun?
I love going to amusement parks and bike riding. I love to do things really quickly. Let’s just go do it, you know?
Video: Bria Murphy: So Sexy It's Not Funny
What amusement park do you usually go to?
Six Flags is my go-to park because it has big roller coasters. I love roller coasters.
When you’re a beautiful woman such as yourself, do you have to wait on line for five hours with the rest of humanity? Or do certain gates open for you?
I actually like waiting in line sometimes, but if my dad’s with me we can cut the line.
Eddie Murphy rides roller coasters?
He’s really selective about what rides he goes on, but he did almost everything with us when we went to the Harry Potter park at Universal in Florida.
Did people bother you guys for autographs, or did you disguise yourselves in wizard costumes or something?
No, we weren’t disguised. But I’ve seen it get hectic before, so we have to walk fast.
Is your dad a better comedian or singer?
Um, I think he’s great at both. I love his comedy, but his music is really great, too, so I love them both.
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