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Alice Eve

Alice Eve
Your She’s Out of My League character, Molly, is described as a “perfect 10.” We’re not going to disagree.
Well, thanks. Molly is such a nice girl and not a bitch. I was honored to play her.
Did you act intimidating toward Jay Baruchel, your leading man, so he would be nervous around you?
No. He told me from the start that I wasn’t out of his league. He made it very clear.
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Have you ever dated a guy not considered “in your league”?
I mean, who knows? All that stuff is subjective anyway. What people find attractive differs. If a guy likes a girl with dark hair, then I’m not a 10 for him.
What advice would you give a guy trying to date out of his league?
Shave your balls—it makes you seem like you’re getting a lot of action.
Jay’s character plays an airline security officer. Has one of them ever found something embarrassing in your luggage?
No, but one time they kept asking me if I had fruit. They pulled me aside and asked, “Do you have any bananas?” And it’s always a bit embarrassing when the guy goes through your underwear, but it is what it is.
The movie was shot in Pittsburgh, which Sienna Miller famously called “Shitsburgh.” What did you think?
The people were very welcoming. We just descended on the city—like 100 of us—and no one complained.
What did you guys do for fun?
We went out to strip clubs. They were really intense, but the ladies there were very nice.
Strippers always seem to want to give female patrons lap dances. Was that the case?
Yes, and then they sit and talk. I’m always interested in why they strip. A lot of these women do it for their college education or because they have kids.
You must have been a real buzz-kill for the dudes with you.
They didn’t know what we were talking about. We went into the champagne room.
A few scenes in the movie take place at a Penguins game, and they won the Stanley Cup last year. Did you guys bring them luck?
I hope so. They were great. I love hockey. I was actually practicing slap shots earlier.
Do you work out a lot?
I do yoga—that’s my exercise of choice.
Is there a body part that you’re particularly proud of?
I like my lady bits. What does Fergie call them? Your humps? That’s it, my humps!
You went to Oxford, probably the world’s best college. Do you know Greek and Latin?
No, but we did have to learn Middle English, which is even more useless than Latin.
How are you able to drop your British accent so easily?
We’re exposed to a great deal of your culture over in England.
You mean you watched a lot of episodes of Friends?
Ha, yeah, I sure did.
You’re also in the new Sex and the City movie. Why should dudes go see it?
This one is more guyfriendly, especially my story line. I play Charlotte’s nanny, and she spices things up a bit.
Not, uh, like we know the characters or care or anything, but Harry doesn’t start cheating on Charlotte with you… does he?
I can’t say anything else. I don’t want to be sued for $10 million.
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