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Abby Elliott

As SNL’s resident bombshell, Abby Elliott has slain audiences with pitch-perfect impressions of Anna Faris and Angelina Jolie. Don’t act so surprised: Elliott’s father, Chris—who was a regular on the old Letterman show and played the lovesick Woogie in There’s Something About Mary—was anSNL cast member himself, and his dad, Bob Elliott, was a legendary radio comic. Guess you could say Abby’s got laughs in her DNA.
Video: Bed Down With SNL's Abby Elliott
Your dad got his start on Late Night With David Letterman back in the ’80s. Is it weird to be working in the same building?
Totally. He actually met my mom there. She was working as a talent booker for the show. So I have lots of memories of going to the studio and watching my dad, but it wasn’t until high school that I really got the humor. My grandparents met at 30 Rock, too.
Your grandfather Bob appeared on SNL in the ’70s, your dad was a cast member in the ’90s, and you’ve been on since 2008. It seems inevitable.
When I was seven or eight, I came the week Sarah Jessica Parker hosted, and in high school I went a lot. I always felt a connection.
How old were you when you started?
I was 21. Thank God, because if I had been underage, it would’ve been so depressing. But it’s a lot tamer than in the old days. It’s the same cocaine schedule, but without the cocaine.
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